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Website Development

» Custom Website Design & Website Redesign
» Custom Web Development
» Website Architecture Consulting
» Corporate Intranet & Extranet
» Custom Mobile Website Design


We want your business to prosper and understand that an online presence is your single most important marketing tool. Your website is your online “store-front,” an opportunity make a great first impression to attract clientele, your community and the world. It’s also a communications tool providing endless potential for business growth. Put your best foot forward and use a company that has the right expertise, tools, and techniques for maximizing your website's effectiveness.

K.Tek Systems developers don’t sit at their desks all day just writing code. They provide technical solutions which command the success of sales and marketing campaigns. Our accomplished developers have only one ambition; to give our clients a clear tactical advantage over the competition by creating simple, well-integrated Web-based technology solutions such as the development of Corporate Intranets & Extranets. We collaborate with you to determine your company’s specific objectives and ensure that we exceed expectations by developing solutions which streamline your business processes and increase sales through various distribution channels.

Like doctors, we’ve also taken an oath to follow a tenet of medicine (or in our case, technology) and “first, do no harm” when it comes to imparting cutting-edge solutions for our clients. K.Tek’s developers endeavor to stay on top of new technologies and emerging trends but remain conservative about implementing unproven protocols just for the sake of having the “latest and the greatest.” Our clients are not our “guinea pigs” and while we are determined to help our clients exploit the many advantages Web-based technologies have to offer their businesses, we will never advocate the use of potentially detrimental solutions at the expense of our clients’. Our aim is simple. Cultivate innovative technology solutions for clients to maximize their profits without haphazardly compromising the success of their online presence.

Let K.Tek Systems design and develop the striking website that your business deserves. Review our Web Design Portfolio and Contact Us for a no obligation consultation and discover what we can accomplish together.

Application Services

Application Development & Integration

» .NET Framework Development
» Content Management Systems
» E-Commerce Solutions
» Custom Application Development
» Cloud Based Applications
» Mobile Device Applications
» Database Development
» Legacy System Integration
» System Architecture Solutions
» CRM Solutions


Successful businesses face evolutionary technological changes that must be mitigated in order for organizations to not only grow, but also maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Your company’s business needs are dynamic and the technology solutions you needed in the past may not fully meet your future business needs. When businesses are faced with the daunting task of trying to utilize unstable and restrictive applications to run their companies, we design and develop custom application solutions which allow enterprises of any industry to benefit from software tailored to their specific goals to bolster efficiency. As your technology partner, we understand that communication is key. We cooperatively work with businesses to develop custom software solutions that continually exceed expectations and provide lasting results. Our development team manages each project with our client’s best interest in mind. Our success truly is your success.

The development team at K.Tek Systems uses their extensive skill-set to create almost any kind of custom application, from Mobile Web Applications to E-Commerce and CRM Solutions. From design, to development & testing, and finally to implementation & roll-out, our team employs unique methodologies to ensure reliable support and quality assurance during each phase of our client’s project. Our sense of duty to our clientele compels us to deliver high quality custom software solutions ranging from database development to application integrations. K.Tek Systems understands that the true purpose of technology is to make your business processes run smoothly and allow you to become more productive. Our clients trust us to fully comprehend their unique business objectives and work-flow. We cherish this trust and are proud to be a part of our client’s success. Contact Us and discover the limitless possibilities in creating your custom application.

Creative Services and Internet Marketing

Creative Services & Internet Marketing

» Corporate Branding
» Email Template Development
» Social Media Marketing
» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
» Keyword & Content Analyses
» Online Advertising (PPC)
» Website Analytics


We don’t always only use our left-brain. We tap into our creative, right-brain to provide businesses with solutions that market your company’s online presence. Our objective is to establish your business as a unique entity through our varied Creative Services projects. Let us help construct or revitalize your distinctive corporate identity by creating custom website graphics to bring your brand global recognition.

Your business has a fantastically designed and developed website. So why isn’t it getting noticed? Creating a phenomenal website is only part of implementing a successful Internet Marketing strategy which includes taking into consideration your offline and online marketing actions. Gaining a competitive edge involves understanding all aspects of the Internet media environment and allows for maximizing your website’s effectiveness. K.Tek will design & execute a personalized Internet Marketing campaign for your organization to exploit the online marketplace and increase your website’s visibility.

Once K.Tek has completed an analysis of your current online presence, we introduce tools like K.Tek’s Proprietary Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay for Placement/Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Comprehensive Keyword Analysis & Website Traffic Reporting. There is no one marketing solution that works best for every type of business or budget. Our experts use Web Analytics to ensure that you get the measurable results you need to maximize your Internet Marketing dollars and increase your ROI. Let K.Tek Systems create a targeted, online marketing campaign for your business that is performance based. We understand your bottom line – to drive more traffic to your website and convert visitors into qualified leads and eventual paying customers.

Internet Marketing and Creative Services can change your website’s trajectory from “lost in cyberspace” to “out of this world.” Contact Us for a no obligation consultation to learn how K.Tek Systems can enrich your company’s online presence.

Hosting and Internet Services

Hosting & Internet Services

» Website Hosting & Application Hosting
» Colocation Network Operations
» Desktop, Data and Server Virtualization
» Media Streaming
» Email Hosting
» Hosted Email Exchange
» FTP Hosting
» Domain Name Registration


K.Tek Systems has built & maintained superior network infrastructure solutions that are solid and reliable, including the development of an international Colocation Network Operations Center. Our expertise spans across your business needs from Hosting to Cloud Computing and Virtualization. Our certified systems engineers continually work to maintain the security and integrity of your applications and data. Our team identifies client-specific challenges and creates solutions to overcome obstacles providing you with a dynamic and adaptable infrastructure, integrating all of your technology applications and solutions.

Our expertise spans across your business needs from Hosting to Cloud Computing and Virtualization. We believe in the power of education and arming our clients with the knowledge they need to make sound business decisions. We cut through trendy buzz-words and show you how Cloud Computing can offer a plethora of technology solutions including international accessibility, redundant & offsite data backup as well as long-term efficiency. Let us navigate your business through the complex waters of Virtualization to increase the utilization of your hardware.

Our certified systems engineers continually work to maintain the security and integrity of your applications and data. Our team identifies client-specific challenges and creates solutions to overcome obstacles providing you with a dynamic and adaptable infrastructure, integrating all of your technology applications and solutions. As your company expands, so does the technical environment in which you work. Your business deserves comprehensive solutions that allow your network to operate optimally while handling a growing number of users in a budget-conscious manner. Contact Us today to learn more about which Internet Services and Hosting options best suit your company’s needs.

Technology Partners

K.Tek Systems ensures success on every project we undertake. We pride ourselves on only forming partnerships with the industry’s top technology and business solution providers. Our expertise guarantees that your organization will be aligned with trust-worthy service providers that share our commitment to fuel your business ambitions.

Distinct Solutions

Comprehensive Web-Based Technology and Business Solutions Offering Everything You Need…Soup to Nuts.

We’re technology builders. We lay the foundation for the building blocks of your business.

Your success is what matters most. K.Tek Systems Inc. offers complete, customizable Web-based business solutions allowing you to achieve measurable results. We understand that in order to become a valuable partner with our clients, more than simple technical proficiency is required. A true partner must have the capacity to assist in the analysis of business requirements, application development and integration, strategic planning, hosting, ongoing application management, maintenance and enhancement. You should maintain high expectations for a business and technology partner and you will experience no less than the best from K.Tek Systems.

Our team starts each project by engrossing itself in your business. We take the time to understand and identify your vision and embrace your objectives to create an extraordinary value position exclusive to your business. As Internet-based technology experts we never relinquish our focus off of what matters most, the relationships we build with our clients and our community.

Dedicated to Innovation. Inspired by YOU.


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