Sustained Commitment to Delivering Value Ushers In Era of Positive Changes for K.Tek Systems Clientele

Published: May 27, 2011

TAMPA, Florida – K.Tek Systems Inc., a leading global provider of Internet and Web based technology solutions, excitedly announces the implementation of new and positive enhancements at K.Tek Systems’ corporate headquarters as part of their continual dedication to providing world-class services for clientele. K.Tek Systems Inc. was established in 1993 and flourished in a booming economy providing web service solutions to a variety of industries for well over a decade. Like most companies, K.Tek Systems has not been immune to the effects of a staggering recession and slowed economy these past few years, yet has managed to maintain a 98% client retention rate and a 40% average gross revenue growth rate. Since K.Tek Systems has continued to prosper despite the economic downturn, one may wonder what prompted the company to make variations to their refined processes. After all, many businesses follow the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Rather than view the downturn as a detriment to the success of their company, CEO Kimberly During viewed this as an opportunity to make remarkable improvements to the entire business by investing in key personnel as the foundation of its growth strategy with focused intercompany departments, without sacrificing established critical success parameters for long-term success which included using business intelligence to comprehend the value of existing information. K.Tek Systems began to look introspectively at their organization and realized that the same tactics they employ of strategic forward-thinking is what will provide them with a planned Return on Investment (ROI) for years to come. Change is often perceived to be associated with high risk; however K.Tek’s implementation of key strategic change to develop diverse core competencies within the company’s staff has only strengthened their foundation for growth and continued client commitment.

Upon consideration of the status of her technology business, Kimberly noted, “It’s an exciting time at K.Tek Systems. Many wonderful new strategic areas of focus coupled with a suite of new technology offerings are on the horizon for us and our clients. We have conceptualized improvements based upon the principles that the business was founded upon eighteen years ago to deliver more value to our clientele.” This consideration led her to implement a critical strategic decision to reinvest in the K.Tek team beginning with the hiring of Jim McGauley as Chief Operating Officer for K.Tek Systems. In addition to his duties to managing the daily operations of K.Tek, Jim’s focus has been on leveraging the strengths of the company’s core competencies to develop new team and departmental initiatives to drive growth, create operational efficiencies ensuring quality and excellence, and to continue to add value to K.Tek’s relationships with existing clients. His proven track record for achieving success for clients at previous positions is a business strength that compels Jim to exhibit integrity and leadership as K.Tek’s Chief Operating Officer. Jim understands the value of time and money and it is his integrity that sets him apart from others in the business consulting and technology provider world. His first duty is to K.Tek’s clients by building, managing, and creating exemplary service delivery systems that immensely benefit K.Tek’s clients and position them for success. While his responsibilities lie in maintaining production schedules and institutionalizing processes, his primary duty is to always ensure client satisfaction.

The addition of Marketing Manager Aparna Tutak, a University of Florida alumna, has brought extensive experience in creative marketing strategies and social media marketing initiatives to K.Tek Systems as well, however her experience in the technology and business consulting field positions her as a savvy asset, relatable to the needs of K.Tek’s clientele. While there are new faces at K.Tek Systems, CEO Kimberly During assuredly noted, “The same people you’ve come to rely upon and trust are still key personnel that are devoted to providing your organization with cutting edge, web-based technology solutions.”

During the late 1990s, K.Tek Systems experienced rapid growth and significantly increased the total amount of their clients as well as expanded the variety of industries it serviced. This time period allowed the company to determine which vertical markets their expertise best served and led them to shift their focus to horizontal growth, allowing K.Tek Systems to hone their skills and develop further web-based technology solutions to meet their clients’ mounting needs, rather than solely cultivate growth vertically by increasing their total number of clients. The identification of the need for business consultants with technical expertise in the marketplace positioned K.Tek to grow internally to deliver client value.

K.Tek’s success is attributed to one main factor – consistency. They have maintained a consistent business model for the delivery of their services by executing business strategies which delivers value, quality service and commitment to their clients’ success. Mrs. During’s philosophy of strategically positioning her company primarily as business consultants and technology solution providers second is what has helped them thrive despite a fluctuating economic climate. A focus on implementing conscientious technology recommendations based upon sound business principles to meet the individualized needs of their clients has sustained long-term growth for the company and will continue to embody the leadership and vision Kimberly During embarked upon in 1993.

K.Tek Systems has recently launched their online presence on social media outlets including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter and Plaxo to interact with clients in an informal atmosphere while providing educational information on industry news, featured services, philanthropic endeavors, as well as fun happenings around their corporate headquarters. Utilizing the social media platform not only affords K.Tek Systems the opportunity to communicate with existing clients but additionally showcases the power of web-based technology to the business community as a data-sharing hub to exchange ideas and tips. Amongst the company’s many principles, K.Tek Systems firmly believes in the power of an educated client. Sharing the wealth of their collective expertise has aided to increase clients’ business-meets-technology acumen as well as expand their knowledge-base about revolutionary technologies impacting vertical markets.

The next several months appear promising for K.Tek Systems as they currently are in the midst of planning further ways to disseminate relevant and educational information on a wide variety of technology topics to the community and encourage interaction with their staff. K.Tek Systems has plans for the creation of a monthly newsletter full of economic and market related web technology education and the development of a K.Tek Systems Blog, to propel their efforts to parlay their business intelligence. Best-selling author David Thomson has noted that, “Leaders of exponential growth companies utilize a systematic approach to problem solving.” In their commitment to their clients, K.Tek Systems has utilized such an approach and the information they have learned from their clients over the years to help transform and significantly improve their business, thereby increasing the awareness of the services offered to also improve the effectiveness and productivity of businesses in various industries.

About K.Tek Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Clearwater, Florida based K.Tek Systems, Inc., is a leading global provider of full-service, Web based technology solutions including custom web design and development, hosting and Internet application development. Additionally, K.Tek Systems offers strategic consulting, corporate Intranet and Extranet development, creative marketing services and database application integration, custom software/Mobile Smartphone application development, cloud computing and e-commerce solutions, as well as content management solutions. Serving hundreds of customers internationally, K.Tek Systems remains steadfast in its commitment to create meaningful relationships by understanding clients’ unique business objectives, identifying their critical success factors and yielding total success by increasing growth, productivity & profitability. K.Tek Systems understands the dynamics of business and technology and prides itself on 98% client retention due to consistently delivering a high ROI by helping clients strategically position themselves competitively in today’s market. Together, K.Tek Systems’ proven leadership and expertise leverages the fusion of business and technology to provide thriving Internet and Web based technology solutions for any organization. For more information, visit

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